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Text replacements are kept in sync across iOS and macOS through iCloud so you can use the same shortcut to type on the Apple logo symbol on your Apple devices. Pair a wireless keyboard with your Apple TV to type the Apple symbol faster. As mentioned earlier, the Apple symbol is defined in the extended ASCII character set in one of a private-use character points intended for apps and devices that need to display glyphs unspecified by the Unicode standard.

On Windows, there are many ways to enter special characters.

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia. More symbols. Text Font Generator. Text Art. Comments Question. Any idea how to make the symbols larger on fb? I tried to use a happy face, but it was so tiny you could barely see it, and I can't seem to adjust the font. You can only adjust it in your notes. To enter recovery mode on startup hold down Command R.

This will allow you to access to Recovery Mode utilities.

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Entering Single User Mode is done by pressing Command S when starting up your Mac, this can be used for troubleshooting or software development. Great for if you're in a rush to lock your Mac and don't want to perform a full shutdown. If you don't want to automatically sleep your Mac and you would prefer to be given the three shutdown options you can press Control Eject.

This will bring up an interface allowing you to choose between Sleep, Restart or Shutdown. Managing the deleting of items is an important matter, and being able to use the correct shortcuts to complete tasks quicker can be very beneficial. Sending items to the Trash can be done in two ways depending on the size of keyboard you are using. On full size keyboards you can either press Command Delete or Command Backspace. Alternatively, on the smaller size keyboards you can only use the Command Backspace shortcut.

Once you in the Trash if you want to quickly return an item to the place it was deleted from you follow the same shortcut as above. Either Command Delete or Command Backspace.

In the last shortcut, after pressing you are given a warning on whether you would like to delete or not, however, you can force the empty so this warning doesn't appear. There is also an Easter egg on Mac keyboards which allows you to form an Apple logo. This is achieved by pressing Option Shift K.

In this tutorial I highlighted some of the more specialised shortcuts which you are able to use on your Mac with keyboard combinations. Each of these can speed up the time it takes you to complete a task and make working with your computer a little bit easier.

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  8. By integrating these, and the shortcuts in Jacob's 40 Nifty Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier tutorial, you should be able to make much progress with your use of keyboard combinations. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In. Web Design.

    What Aren’t These Stupid Symbols on my Keyboard?

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    Sleep, log out, and shut down shortcuts

    Learning Guides. Computer Skills Productivity. Mathematical For those who regularly deal with mathematical equations, on their Macs, it's helpful to quickly insert the specific symbols needed in equations. Ellipses … Instead of adding three full stops to form an Ellipses there is a shortcut to get there easier. Accents and Language Symbols For those of us who need to communicate in a language requiring accents and special symbols its often a struggle to fluently write without entering the special characters window often.

    Screenshots Screenshots are something I deal with nearly every day and are a great way to share work to friends or represent a task you are undergoing. Entire Screen To take a screenshot of the entire screen of work you will need to press Command Shift 3, automatically saving the image to your desktop. Selected Area of Screen Similarly you can choose to only take a screenshot of a certain part of your screen. Specific Object or Window Sometimes you will only want a screenshot of one window on your screen.


    Copying the Screenshot to the Clipboard Automatically all of your screenshots will be saved to the desktop, but for some people clogging up the desktop is something to avoid at all costs. Special Character Special characters always come in useful and being able to quickly insert them is a skill which can be helpful to know.

    Hash UK Keyboard Something many UK Mac users find hard to find on their keyboards is the hash key because there isn't actually a key with a hash on it. This can be used to show footnotes. The second letter in the Greek alphabet, Beta, is made by pressing Option S.

    Omega is created by using the keys Option Z.

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