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It's easy to clean, it looks good, and its battery life is unmatched in the whole industry. The battery life is another reason I decided Apple was worth a try!

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Please know I really love this laptop, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I think the reason I never reviewed it It's just perfect.

Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Touch Bar): Unboxing & Review

Crashed in 4 hours. Glad for Amazon return policy at least. Laptop has a broken charger port. Almost impossible to charge. Sometimes takes 8 hours just to turn on. I got scammed.

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Truth Be Told Top Contributor: Just get this Macbook Pro! I recently purchased this MacBook Pro to replace a year model and oh wow, what a difference! The screen is certainly the best reason to upgrade in case you are contemplating on doing this. With my old Macbook Pro I had to have the screen at a particular angle to see the picture properly or to see colors properly.

Not so with this model. No matter how you have your screen angled, you will see the picture accurately and it looks awesome. I am a web designer and programmer by profession and it's very important to me to have a really good screen. The 15 inch size is wonderful and large enough to do my job right. Any smaller and I would feel cramped probably. I do my main work on my 27" iMac when it comes to doing graphic design work or development but just for doing maintenance and upgrades on websites, using Wordpress for example, I enjoy sitting on my couch with this laptop instead of at my desk.

The trackpad is simply awesome as well. Yesterday I had to fix something on my neighbor's laptop, a Dell, and I got so frustrated because I'm so used to the Macbook's trackpad. On this PC laptop you couldn't click anywhere on the trackpad, only on the very bottom. Nor could I scroll up and down easily with that thing. With the Macbook trackpad you can use multiple finger gestures, for example just use two fingers simultaneously to scroll up or down.

That is so much more intuitive than that PC's trackpad. For that reason alone I would switch from PC to a Mac. Who are these Windows developers anyway that can't make anything straight forward? I have no negative comments on my Macbook Pro. Maybe it would have been nice to have a touch screen as well, but I'm okay without that because I own the iPad Pro The answer is: BTW if you are comparing or debating between a Windows touch screen laptop with a Macbook Pro without a touch screen.


I will still recommend the Macbook Pro hands down!!! If quality and ease of use is important to you, there is no other choice. I use the iMac for creating and developing. I use my Macbook for personal things and for simple updates and maintenance on websites. I use my iPad Pro for entertainment, playing games, browsing amazon, traveling and much more. I love having exactly the right type of device when and where I need it.

I know this Macbook Pro doesn't come cheap. But think of it as making a good investment. Macbook laptops last longer, hold better resale value, are of extremely good quality, and will never let you down. Using the OS operating system is a breeze. A quick story to end my review.

Review: Apple's mid inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

A month ago a friend of mine who owned a Lenovo laptop asked me to erase data from her laptop. I thought, no big deal because how hard can it be? Well, it took me all day, just about. Of course not being used to Windows 10 didn't help, but in order to perform certain actions, I had to go all over the place on the computer to do them and often the screen would freeze on me something that never happens on my iMac or Macbook. Nothing was straight forward. I kept having to ask Google how to do the simplest of tasks and the answers were always complicated. You'd think the control panel could handle all my requests but no, the Windows control panel is nothing like Settings or Preferences on an Apple device.

About the quality of that Lenovo laptop itself. Each time I pressed on a key, the entire keyboard moved down with it Get a Macbook Pro if you're in the market for a laptop. Even if you're coming from a Windows device. The transition isn't all that bad. If you own an older model of the Macbook Pro, I highly recommend upgrading because the screen will blow you away and the speed of this laptop is unsurpassed. I did and it's fantastic. It was very easy to put on and it looks really cool! So what are you waiting for? Take it from a professional. Absolutely in love with my MacBook Pro.

I use this almost every single day, it runs extremely smooth, the quality of it is outstanding, and helps me greatly with my pursuit in becoming a personal trainer and taking online courses. When I need to take a break and Netflix and Chill, or just watch tv from the comfort of my laptop, it does just that for me. Amazing picture and video quality, and sound is crystal clear. By far the best purchase that I have made and invested in, in a long time! It also helps me run my side business very smoothly.

I absolutely love everything about my Mac! Enough said! I really hope whoever is talking about the Retina display screen thing is wrong.

Apple MacBook Pro A1398 15.4" Laptop - MGXA2LL/A (July, 2014)

No problems till now. Absolutely love my very first laptop. Glad I picked this one, it was on sale. I recommend it now to everyone now. I have gone through a lot of laptop over the years. HP, Leveno, Dell and Thinkpads. This is my favorite laptop. Ignore the price. Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. MacBook Pro with Retina display is designed with the following features to reduce its environmental impact: Or read our Product Environmental Reports for detailed information on the environmental performance of every Apple product.

Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Learn more about how to recycle your Mac.

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