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Carbon Copy Cloner 4: A Must-Have Backup App for Your Mac

As mentioned above, schedules can now be edited after they're created, something earlier versions of CCC weren't able to do. The new editable schedules are great, allowing you to quickly make modifications if you realize your original schedule has a flaw that needs to be corrected. Tasks are actions you have CCC perform; for instance, cloning your startup drive is a task, backing up your home folder is a task; you get the idea.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 allows you to chain tasks together. Perhaps you want to make two clones, one to a local drive and one to a disk image located on a network drive. You can use the task chaining option to allow the two tasks to be performed with ease. Besides chaining tasks, you can also have CCC execute a shell script, before or after a task is completed. For example, you could use a shell script to ensure that no apps and associated data files are open before a task is run, a nice feature for a late-night backup.

Or you could use a shell script to announce, "The clone is complete" using one of the Mac's built-in voices. Additionally, the new interface makes many processes that were once a bit difficult easy for just about anyone to use, even if you're new to using this kind of app. If you're looking to augment a Time Machine backup system or want to create your own backup and archive system , Carbon Copy Cloner deserves a look.

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Carbon Copy Cloner is available to download with a day demo. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. More knowledgeable users will also like being able to run pre and post-flight shell scripts, checking the list of items removed after a clone, and creating a disk image.

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Simple to use. Carbon Copy Cloner CCC is an app that creates clones of your disks, so you can worry less about losing your data. The application features a simple interface, from where you select the drive or folders to backup and the target drive to save to. I've found that you'll have to make sure a local disk is connected to your Mac so the program can start up though. Carbon Copy Cloner is a very good program to clone and backup your drive.

Easily make copies of your hard drive

Very much recommended. This update is fully qualified on OS X CCC now offers volume-specific advice about how to enable full disk encryption. Enabling encryption on an OS X backup volume, for example, involves several steps that must be executed in the correct order. If full disk encryption is not supported on a particular volume, CCC indicates exactly why not.

We have also added answers to some frequently asked questions about full disk encryption to our documentation.

Fixed an odd edge case in OS X in which you can mount a network volume using a short user name, such as "johnny", but the remote host will place the long name in the filesystem URL that is returned, e. Previously, this difference would cause CCC to believe that the network volume was mounted with other credentials altogether, and CCC would refuse to use the network volume under the assumption that permissions issues would ensue.

This update addresses that issue, CCC will now immediately evaluate the filesystem URL of the network volume that is returned in reponse to its mount request and update its own internal reference to the user account as appropriate. Fixed an issue in which a scheduled task could load in a hung state if the task configuration file was corrupted. Changed to accommodate some Drobo devices having a problem storing extended attributes larger than 1KB. Rather than reporting that the Drobo device is unable to accommodate the extended attribute, these devices report that the destination volume is full, even when there is adequate space available.

This update catches this edge case and reports it in a more meaningful way. Changed to explicitly refuse to create a Recovery HD partition if it can positively identify the selected volume as a Drobo device. Drobo's proprietary data moving techniques do not play well with dynamic partition changes, and Drobo specifically does not support the modification of partitioning outside of the Drobo Dashboard.

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Fixed an OS X But the most important thing to do beforehand is back up. On the other hand, there are few computer-related disasters worse than not having a backup and then losing data thanks to a problem with an upgrade. First reviewed back in July , Carbon Copy Cloner was, at the time, the only utility that could reliably duplicate a Mac OS X volume, making a bootable clone. Many people, including myself, considered it to be an invaluable tool for any Mac OS X user.

In the years that followed, Carbon Copy Cloner CCC for short received several useful updates, but other utilities eventually came along that offered considerably more functionality and better interfaces—most notably SuperDuper.

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  5. But with Carbon Copy Cloner 3. In fact, an accurate clone is the only way to create a bootable backup of a Mac OS X disk—a backup that lets you get back up and running in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the hours it might take you to reinstall Mac OS X on a drive and then restore your files.

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    Carbon Copy Cloner, like SuperDuper, lets you easily create just such a clone. You just choose a source disk the original volume and a target disk the backup volume ; choose Copy Everything From Source To Target from the Cloning Options pop-up; and, optionally, enable the option to Erase The Target Volume.

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    Click on Clone and an exact copy of the source disk will be made using the target disk. One unique option here is the ability to make a block-level clone.

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