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I also realized pasting of some elements does not happen to the spot I select,instead it does paste very far in the model space,which you can notice when zoom out fully. Do you know what is happening? Why do you copy and paste instead of just opening it? Is it a 3D drawing? Just trying to give you some ideas to troubleshoot. I am trying to copy some items from one file to another. For some reason it is only copying some of the object. The object has many lines and shapes all on the same layer. It has worked normally before this.

To troubleshoot, try copying them to a new drawing. I have been doing the things that you specified, as to copying from one drawing and pasting into another, I am having trouble with objects that I have copied first staying in the clipboard, and no matter what I have done I can not empty out the clipboard so that I can copy and paste another drawing, the old copy is still there, and the new copy is apparently not there.

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Select elements in the proposed property drawing. Type in 0,0 4. Switch to destination drawing 5. Type in 0,0. And if the coordinate system is the same in both drawings your elements should be located correctly. Pasteblock is not working. I can use ctrl V but then the objects are not inserted as a block but as separate entities. Hello Ellen, I followed your copy and paste tutorial but when I paste into my second drawing the object is not to scale.

I created a new object in this case a set of double doors and grouped it. Then I grabbed another object created by someone previously and it works to cut and paste as it goes in to the drawing at the same scale. Do I have to set something when I am creating an object so it will copy and paste to scale in other drawings. Both of my drawings are the same real life scale.

The problem I am having is copying a photo and placing it into my autocad drawing. When I paste it in it works fine but the next time I get into that drawing the photo has disappeared leaving a rectangular shell. Do I need to do another process to keep the photo from disappearing? Deborah, Instead of copying and pasting, trying inserting it from your computer. Let me know if this helps. Ellen thank you for the quick response. I clicked on inert than clicked on raster image reference which lets me pick from any of my files and insert it directly to the drawing and allows me to scale it to size.

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Thank you for the help. I recently copied a small group from a drawing that had been made in and educational version of AutoCAD and pasted it into a large drawing made with a standard version of AutoCAD Now when the main drawing made with the standard version it opens it a drawing made with the educational drawing. Even after deleting the pasted items and purging the group and re-saving it still re-opens the drawing as if it were made in an educational version.

Please can you tell me if it is possible to do anything about this? Chris i had the same problem years ago i got a scafolding and formworks drawing from a sister company and inserted it in some drawings and i had to delete the drawings if you are Lucky you can go to the drawing with explorer and rightclick and choose a earlier version and restore it. Maybe Daniel Kuhmann [Daniel.

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  5. Kuhmann autodesk. I have a problem and I have no clue how this happened nor how to solve it. Hope you have any idea.

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    I copied objects all located on 1 layer from one drawing to another. After pasting it into the new drawing, also the layer where the objects resides on, is created. But in this new drawing, I already have a layer for these objects. Therefor, I selected the objects and assigned them to the new layer. No problem so far. When I now select one of these objects, it shows the correct layer.

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    BUT … when I switch this layer on or off, nothing happens. When I switch the original layer on or off, the objects appear and disappear. Same for the original layer. What can I do? Thanks in advance! Hi, Can you suggest me how to copy array and paste one element of array in one click and next element in next click and so on.. Hi anyone know how to create a co-ordinate using lisp. Please if any one know plz tell me step by step procedure.

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    Hello, I can copy and paste a drawing file but I cannot copy another drawing. When I paste, the previously copied drawing comes in. Please help me. I think their original drawings were auto-generated from ePlan. Q: how do I maintain the same wall thickness when copying to the recipient drawings. Thank you for your time in replying Ken. Set the precision to a higher level the same in both drawings and then see if you are getting the same result.

    Hi When i copy from a drawing to anther new one…. I am trying to copy a table I created in AutoCAD from one drawing to another and have it look exactly the same. It changes some of the text from how I formatted it to another text style. Not what I want. Some text becomes huge. Also the table proportions seem to be different also for the size of the cells. Any ideas?

    I tried to copy an object from a different drawing to my working drawing. When I paste the object, the lines looks like Pline with more thickness. May I know what could be the problem and how to rectify this? When I copy and paste either between drawings or within the same drawing the new object appears faded. Anyone have a suggestion? Can I get help from the participants if any one of you knows how to solve the problem that i currently encountered in autocadd.

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