Is there a msconfig for mac

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You can also get a lot of extra information about your system from the Task Manager. Like the Task Manager, the Activity Monitor open Spotlight and search for activity monitor is broken into several tabs: Otherwise, you can use Activity Monitor to end a process or to run system diagnostics. The same applies to the Mac equivalent, which is called Terminal.

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So if you are familiar with Linux commands, Terminal is a piece of cake. You open Terminal and paste in the following command:.

Mac: Stop Programs From opening on Startup

Now you can see hidden files in Finder. You can also use it to make basic edits to images like cropping, removing backgrounds, adding outlines, adding text, adjusting colors, etc.

is there a application like msconfig for macs that lets you edit start

You can also use it to add signatures to your PDF files and fill in forms. The Disk Management tool allows you to format and partition hard drives in Windows easily. You can do other stuff, but those are the main functions. The Disk Utility tool on Macs allows you to do pretty much the same thing. The Network Utility lets you quickly get information about your network connection and lets you easily run tests like netstat , ping, traceroute, Whois, Finger, and port scans.

You can use the Netstat tab to quickly see all the connections your computer has made. To do any of this in Windows, you have to open a command prompt and type in commands! Lastly, the Event Viewer program in Windows allows you to see a log of everything that is happening on your computer. The Console is pretty much exactly the same as Event Viewer and allows you to see pretty much everything that happens in the background of your computer.

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You really only look at the log files when you are looking for something specific, otherwise, there are just way too many messages generated by the operating system. There are other equivalents that I could mention here, but I think these are the basics and enough for most people who are just starting to use a Mac after being on Windows for a long time. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications.

Went from windows to OS X.

Need to find a program that will let me edit what programs and services start up when I boot OS X. In windows there are many ways that I know of. I can edit registry in windows to make sure programs and services do not start. How is this done in OS X?

How to manage your Mac and PC's startup

Where can I see whats starting and edit those? Lots of programs install services. This is slowing my computer. This does not work on some programs and some of the programs are not listed. This is not a serious solution. In windows there are several programs to stop services. Is there any program with similar functionality in OS X?

Is it possible to start the os with only apple services and programs running without uninstalling the third party programs? Also you can view this article: If you're lookng specifically for programs that run at startup, check out this really great reference on launchd.

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is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac
is there a msconfig for mac Is there a msconfig for mac

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