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In practice, this often isn't possible. The biggest security improvements in Reader X are in the Windows version, since that's where Adobe sees most attacks, but Mac users, and Windows users of Acrobat X, aren't left completely out. Across both platforms Adobe implemented an intensive code hardening program designed to reduce vulnerabilities. This security development process includes a combination of testing, code review, and programming standards, all focused on reducing security flaws. Adobe started the program years ago for new code, and for Reader and Acrobat X the company went back and reviewed critical parts of older code that makes up most of the products.

Adobe recognized that users don't always understand security alerts or preference settings and improved their usability. Instead, Reader drops down a yellow alert bar with descriptive text for the user to then click and choose an option, just like some Web browsers do.

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Adobe also improved the JavaScript blacklist framework, which allows you to disable all JavaScript, or only specific functions. Previously, you were only able to completely disable JavaScript, which could adversely affect even simple documents. Few home users will ever touch this feature, but in corporate environments this allows administrators to ban a vulnerable JavaScript function without bringing down the entire business. Next, Adobe improved the updater for both Mac and Windows. On Macs, the updater finally uses a standard Apple installer, checks for updates, and downloads them every 72 hours to install next time you run the software.

On Macs, Adobe uses the built-in security features of OS X to reduce the risk of memory corruption attacks.

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Also, the Reader plugin for Safari is now bit, which carries additional security benefits the stand-alone Reader is still bit. The single biggest security change in Reader X is the addition of sandboxing , but it's only available for Windows.

Sandboxing is a powerful security tool that isolates what an attacker can do even if they successfully exploit Reader. Sandboxing uses features of the operating system to isolate parts of a program, such as the PDF image parser. It runs these processes in a restricted mode compared to the rest of the software, limiting how they interact with the computer.

For example, the sandbox can restrict the ability of anything running inside it from saving files on the local hard drive. Even if an attacker exploits the vulnerable parser, if the controls work properly, they can't install persistent malware on the system. And, ideally, even if their malicious code runs in memory, it's restricted to the compromised part of the software and can't access the rest of the machine. Thus, to compromise a system, the attacker needs to exploit a vulnerable process in the sandbox, then break out of the sandbox into the rest of Reader, then break out of Reader into Windows, and then gain control over Windows.

So why didn't Adobe include sandboxing on Macs? It isn't from a lack of support—OS X does include sandboxing features for developers. According to Brad Arkin, Adobe's director of product security and privacy, there simply aren't enough attacks against Macs to justify the development effort. It's hard to argue with this logic, especially since we have never seen a single piece of malware targeting Adobe Reader or Acrobat on the Mac. Despite all the vulnerabilities, and the mass exploitation of Reader and Acrobat on Windows, the actual risk to a Mac user today is immeasurably low.


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We just aren't seeing the attacks. But since there is no technical obstacle to exploiting a Mac running a vulnerable version of Acrobat or Reader, I still suggest keeping your eyes open for that dreaded day when some outlaw finally gets bored with the Windows platform. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.

Our workaround is, like someone here has said, to print the problem PDF file to a virtual printer that generates a copy of the PDF file and that sovled the issue. I am having the same problem.

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I hope this can be resolved. I have thousands of pdf files on my computer and I have the same issue with every one of them. It has nothing to do with the size of the file, when or how it was created. Every pdf file has the same problem. I read on one of these forums if you select the ctrl button while clicking the ok button additional information would appear. An additional note is after the update when I do select save as the window that appears is different than it has ever been.

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Designed by. Creative Progression Enhancing your creative potential. Acrobat Details: Mac OS X ver. Update: problem happened again with brand new file exported fresh today from InDesign. On the first file I did it worked fine, but the second file gave the error when I tried to save it. Solution: I suspect stability issues in the Save As immediately after opening a clean copy, before making any edits.

In my case, I was able to Save As if I had not made any edits, but if I edited the file in various ways, then Acrobat would often crash and the file become corrupt. Doing different types of test edits. I tried using the Touch-Up Text tool and Touch-Up Object tool as well as changing my button properties and had the same error message when trying to save.

Try different files. However, the files were last saved on the same day a couple months ago. As I have no comments in the document, I felt this was not very likely, but I still tried extracting all pages as individual files and then looked for missing pages. There were no errors and no missing pages. However, reading the support post helped confirm my incorrect suspicions that the problem might be related to my installation. At this point I started to think it might be my installation of Acrobat or my computer.

I uninstalled Acrobat X, found and removed leftover prefs and app support files, reinstalled, applied updates, same error. Tried without the update, same error. Different computer. To rule out any problems on my computer, I installed Acro X on my old Mac it still had 9 on it and got the same error.

At first I thought this had fixed the problem, as I was able to make several changes to the file and save.

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However, I eventually got the same error. Starting over with completely new PDF files. Worked for one document. The other gave the same error when trying to save the final version. This leads me to conclude that Acrobat Subscribe Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Doug MacLean August 23, at pm. Michael West March 15, at pm.

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