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These great little machines can see more than 2Gb RAM once fitted with a Core2Duo, there is a hack to update the firmware of the Macmini1,1 to that of the Macmini 2. This allows the machine to see 3Gb RAM. Thanks for sharing your saga! I am now recovering my old Mac Mini 2,1 1. It has a OSX 32bit You just have to find the right manifacturer, the way the chips are arranged make it visible. I used 4allmemory. Great writeup!

Replacing OS X with Linux on my Mac Mini 2,1

I encountered the same problem with my stock 1. Such a strange design…. But I must say that it works great with the stock 1. Jethro Carr.

Ubuntu running on Mac Mini!

Skip to content. Disturbingly easy from the existing OS X installation. Launch the penguins! This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apple , debian , geek , hack , linux , mac mini , open source. Don't use this space for a list of your hardware. It only creates false hits in the search engines. April 7th, 3.

The problem is likely to have been at least partially solved in Let's wait a little with the actual install. April 8th, 4. April 8th, 5. April 9th, 6. Join Date Oct Beans 7. I have a Mac Mini 1,1 After failing to install Ubuntu or Xubuntu Otherwise, the firmware will be confused and the ISO cannot be booted.

I thus googled around and found a Debian net-install i ISO specially made for mac with one bootloader. Lo and behold!

Linux on a Recycled Mac: Trying to Make It Work | Other World Computing Blog

I have now installed Debian 8. Thus my Debian 8. The Debian net-install i ISO for mac installs the base Debian linux only and requires internet connection so that it would download other desktop or server components. I prefer Xubuntu and thus have chosen the Xfce desktop. I am a Chrome user. But Google has stopped the support of its Chrome browser for i machine. To my relief, the open-source browser Chromium is still available for i cpu and it is pretty much identical to Google Chrome from a user perspective.

I am now using it on my Mac Mini 1,1 as I editing this post. Here are some links that I have found useful: Debian net-install i ISO for mac http: Video tutorial of booting up the Debian ISO https: I have zero experience compiling in C, otherwise I would try it myself.

  • MacMiniIntel - Debian Wiki.
  • Linux DVD images (and how-to) for bit EFI Macs (late models) |!
  • unzip rar files mac free download.

Thanks for whatever you can do. I used the full edition around 3. Hopefully it works for ya! Garbage boot menu and no go…. Linux Mint I have had some success doing an arch install. Just getting the installed system to boot is my final hurdle. If you choose the option replace Arch in a partition in the install program without installing a bootloader, then it wil boot perfectly. The Ubuntu family install the bootloader better for a mac then Arch does. I did it this way a year ago with a 32 bit distro of manjaro. I assume you mean ArchBang? As far as I can see Arch has a manual install process?

I have yet to get my arch system booting. Tried syslinux over grub the other night. No luck. Firstly, I could not use the cd-rom as it is non functional. I tried various methods of getting it to boot with USB, but so far the simplest and most reliable method has been to install GRUB 2 on a flash drive using a virtual machine to run ubuntu and mounting the flash in there.

Upcycling 32-bit Mac Minis

First, enable universal sources, to install p7zip and do an apt-get update. More instructions here: I used this grub. I used the same configuration for ubuntu the ISO structure is the same just renamed the menu entry to elementary and same for the iso. I am finishing the install as we speak. Sounds a little wonky. Except reeeeealy slowly. So tried Ubuntu. It worked until the second reboot. Then tried Fedora Installed beautifully so fast!

Could you or someone else please put up a concise and clear guide to doing this with a USB pen drive or two , preferably on a blog with screenshots not in comments here and link it here? I added the 32 bit efi file into the EFI folder on the USB pen drive and somehow got to see it in the boot menu on the Mac, and when I chose it, it dropped me into a grub shell, where I got completely stuck. Also, thanks a lot Matt, for putting up the ISO images here and providing so much flexibility for people!

Unfortunately my mac died almost after I got it running. Which is a shame! Was going so nicely! I cannot do screenshots or anything.

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  8. I never quite got it to work properly in this scenario. In order to get the install USB working, what I did was install grub 32 bit onto an old hdd Using an ubuntu live distro in a virtual machine, on my windows box. Plugged in as a usb external. Google is your friend here as I do not know your setup.

    This helped tremendously with setting up the config file: I did have varying levels of success in this regard. It took a lot of tinkering. But Arch install and subsequent booting ran without a hitch. Usin an unprepared ISO!

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    I finally settled with Linux mint What am I doing wrong? I did this in Linux mint btw.

    Ubuntu on a Mac Mini 2,1 (2007) for a Linux-novice?

    Hey dude, great work here!

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