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Genre: Action-Adventure, Survival. Building aspects. Anti-cheat issues. Glitches and lags. Stunningly beautiful. You can share materials, dinosaurs, and structures by forming or joining! The game makes you want to explore, craft, and fight to make the most of its progressive crafting system.

Good character creation. An absolutely fantastic community. You can tame and mount nearly every creature in the game. Increased customization thanks to player-created servers. Recommend 12 4.

My Rec ommendation for Conan Exiles. My Recommendation for Conan Exiles. All 9. Extensive crafting system that encourages player interaction.

6 Zombie Games Like DayZ

Not suitable for younger players. Genre: Survival, Sandbox. Exploring the world is fun. Joining a server for online play can be problematic.

9 Best Alternatives to DayZ

The developers are very interactive with the community. The game feels unfinished and unpolished. A great deal of fun to play with your friends. The combat is fast-paced and brutal. Recommend 3. My Rec ommendation for Dark and Light. My Recommendation for Dark and Light. All 1. Steam Rating: Mixed. Recommend My Rec ommendation for DayZ. My Recommendation for DayZ. It's sometimes a lonely game because you can play for a long time before meeting another player.

The realistic environmental setting is great to look at. Steam Rating: Mostly Positive.


Active community. Focuses on horror aspects.

All 8. Filled with hackers. Pay to win. Hard to find loot. Plenty of exploration. Recommend 8 Don't see your favorite option? Add it. Explore Related Questions.

Best Games Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

You can play multiplayer games and switch modes and maps anytime in this version. It has voice and text chat, along with great sound and graphics. You have to shoot enemies and zombies to survive. There are different battles with varying difficulty levels. You have to play with friends as a clan and win rewards to progress in the game.

You can also compete with them in a game of multiplayer shooters. Guns of Boom is an online multiplayer fps game with awesome graphics and thrilling adventures. It is easy to learn but tests your skills along the way, making it ever-engaging and fit for any level of player. Each battle takes less than five minutes on average, so you can play it on the go.

Climb up ranks and get more weapons by playing more. There are also team building and activities in this game. You can create your own character or hero by combining different skills and assembling the perfect look. From Chinese developer NetEase, Rules of Survival is among the most popular alternative battle royale games. And being from a Chinese developer, the in-game text might not be perfect.

Watch Gameplay of Rules of Survival Go to top 7. Knives Out. Comparing the two, it seems that Knives Out offers a greater degree of customization as opposed to Rules of Survival. Watch Gameplay of Knives Out Go to top 8. Black Survival.

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There are several characters in the game to choose from, each varying in stats, skillsets, and weaponry, giving you greater leverage to choose as per your style of play. But this has more of a first-person feel, so it might not be as attractive as PUBG. Watch Gameplay of Black Survival Go to top 9. Bullet Strike.

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Battlegrounds- Oriented towards sniper battles, this game is a lot less graphically rich as compared to the other games, so if your phone is a low spec device, this is a good option. Watch Gameplay of Bullet Strike Go to top Garena Free Fire- Battle Grounds. Launched by Garena, Free Fire is your typical low graphics game. It has its share of bugs and lag, but it has been described as fun to play, if you can look past these.

Again, a good option for users with low spec devices.

any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac
any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac
any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac
any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac
any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac
any games like dayz for mac Any games like dayz for mac

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