Mac open firmware boot usb

Boot a PowerPC Apple from USB

How do I make my 1. Ask Question. CajunLuke Joshua Robison Joshua Robison 1 3 I have done this many times since I posted this question. Create usb stick like this: If your stick is in the right side of the machine, then you need to do this: Thank you for your answer, I've found it really useful. Now, I don't know if you found out how to boot Gentoo same way, but I did, so I wanter to share the link that helped me do that.

Here it is. Hope it helps! Got there while trying to boot a Ubuntu from a USB stick. I can confirm that this works with an iBook G3 M as well, thanks! You need to list a partition number after the ": You will get something to the effect of: Refer to the example above.

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Jawa 2, 5 16 This thread is old, but i want to add some information that may be useful: Karl Elsner Karl Elsner 21 1. Deploy the image onto the USB through one of those utilities and you should be golden. Harv Harv 5, 12 So using dd in the terminal has problems? And I don't need to partition my USB stick or instal yaboot etc? I've just heard from colleagues in the business I am an Apple-certified tech that this works well.

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And if you want to see how I stumbled across this question and answer thread, please check out this thread on Super User. What worked for me on a Cube G4 was the following based on Joshua's advice: Now let's for the sake of it nuke the FAT32 partition: The entire process should look something like this: It should be something like this: Depending on your stick, this might take upwards of a few hours even with a badass USB3 one!

At the end, diskutil list should show something like this: Proceed with creating a Leopard Darie H Darie H 11 2. Love these old threads and old machines! Allan HackerVaccine HackerVaccine 1.

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- Installing Ubuntu on Macintosh PowerPC, no CD-drive, USB boot not working - Ask Ubuntu

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If you have a CD set, and if your machine supports booting directly off the CD, great! Simply insert your CD, reboot, and proceed to the next chapter. Note that certain CD drives may require special drivers, and thus be inaccessible in the early installation stages. If it turns out the standard way of booting off a CD doesn't work for your hardware, revisit this chapter and read about alternate kernels and installation methods which may work for you.

Simply boot using a different media, such as floppies. When it's time to install the operating system, base system, and any additional packages, point the installation system at the CD-ROM drive. All OldWorld systems have floppy drives, so use the floppy drive to launch the installer, and then point the installer to the CD for the needed files. Booting from an existing operating system is often a convenient option; for some systems it is the only supported method of installation.

Install Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard via USB on PowerPC Macs

Double click the BootX application icon. This will give you the chance to select the ramdisk. You may need to select the No Video Driver checkbox, depending on your hardware. Then click the Linux button to shut down MacOS and launch the installer. You will have already placed the vmlinux , initrd.

After a few seconds you will be presented with the Open Firmware prompt. At the prompt, type. On some machines, you may need to use ide0: In a few more seconds you will see a yaboot prompt. At yaboot's boot: The Debian installation program should start. You will need to work out where the USB storage device appears in the device tree, since at the moment ofpath cannot work that out automatically. The system should now boot up, and you should be presented with the boot:

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