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You can search for artists that are currently playing on a current radio station but you can't choose what song to listen to. This makes TuneIn Radio great for music discovery but won't please those looking for something specific. The library of radio stations that TuneIn Radio provides is truly staggering. It can look up local radio stations if you allow it to access your location.

You can also search by city for local radio stations.

Find, share and enjoy your favorite music online

There are sections in TuneIn Radio for news, music, talk shows, sports, talk shows, and even podcasts. The interface of TuneIn Radio is intuitive. Music is broken up into different genres so you can choose a radio station that will play music you're vaguely in the mood for. There's no intelligent playlists so you can't vote or favorite songs. It's also a little disappointing that TuneIn Radio doesn't have any scheduling or recording features , which would be handy for those who can't listen to a program at the moment.

Overall, TuneIn Radio offers an extremely impressive library of radio stations but won't satisfy those looking for on-demand content.

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Same as Windows 7, best app to pull in stations from other countries In pod. Not much different than Windows 7, just easier to browse a nd swipe in and out. Desktop mode still lags behind the mobile or tablet version. It used to be that you could find some obscure game in Des Moines Iowa, unfortunately, now restricted rights have limited many minor league sports teams or NCAA softball, golf, field hockey and lacrosse. Easy to search.

Disfruta de la radio por Internet con la app myTuner Radio

Streaming quality is adequate. Pulls a lot of podcasts like BBC Cons: A little outdated format, nothing fancy. Some stations are restricted or in foreign language More. Access in one click on the menu bar!

Tapin Radio

Looking for a particular radio? You want to discover new radios or foreign radios? Nothing more simple with the powerful search engine!

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You can also browse categories according to your moods: You have access to our complete database which includes tens of thousands of radio stations around the world! You can try any radio, and you add your choice to your favorites. The free version is interrupted regularly by a message proposing to switch to the full version with an in-app purchase.


This app requires an internet connection. Radios owners: It lets me listen to my favorite music without needing any other country app. This is the app that I will always pick for country stations.

myTuner Radio - Descargar

It has the station I wanted to listen to and I set it up. I am very impressed with the interface. The problem is that when the announcer is talking there is noise coming in on the right channel. It sounds almost like another station. It is not so prominent when songs are playing. That may be due to the fact that it would be harder to hear behind the music. Is this peculiar to the station I am listening to. Never heard it in my car radio.

Radioemisoras de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María: 99,7 MHz en FM | 1450 KHz en AM

Anyway I would need that fixed before I could pay for a version. I could find a location to see if this was a problem or if there already was a fix. I hope you can let me know what to do. The app functions beautifully; super easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls and great quality. I really like being able to listen to stations all over the place and this app eliminated the annoying process of going to tons of different websites in one fell swoop.

This is basically the only reason I rated it 4, instead of 5, stars.

programa para escuchar radio online mac Programa para escuchar radio online mac
programa para escuchar radio online mac Programa para escuchar radio online mac
programa para escuchar radio online mac Programa para escuchar radio online mac
programa para escuchar radio online mac Programa para escuchar radio online mac
programa para escuchar radio online mac Programa para escuchar radio online mac

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