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It was really sad to learn the internal SSD is useless. Does the Mac mini boot esxi Everytime from USB drive or you must let into boot it every time you reboot the machine? So far I can only get my Mac Mini to boot into 6. Has anyone found a solution? Have you tried this? A maxed out mac mini would have worked for me as ESXi servers. A max mini runs circles around any kind of 1u server you could possibly build. You are not going to get 64gb ram or 6 cores working in a 1u. Just aint happening. So as kick butt mini server this hardware stands out!

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I am willing to donate to a dev in bitcoin that can make the internal SSD at a minimum work with ESXi Just send me your bitcoin address. What 1U servers have you been looking at that can only provide up to 6 cores? Thanks for this thread, does the same apply to iMacs — i.

Can i install os x server on esxi host?

ESXi sees the network though…. Suppose we find a way to boot it, the only way this would usable would be if we have a sort of passthrough for the 10GB network card and for Thunderbolt devices. But since plugging something to the USB-C ports seem to crash the machine, I guess one is out of luck. By the way, any tips on how to configure the environment for compiling drivers under 6.

Install macOSX Mojave 10.14 on VMWare ESXi 6.7 - part 1

William please see what you can do with your VMware contacts. Did anyone from VMware backend team reach out to Apple Engineering in trying to resolve this issue? Or we are going to wait forever? I am stuck in a boot loop. If not there is really no reason to be running ESXi on a mac mini I think?

Setting up ESXi 6.0 on a 2012 Mac Mini Server

The main reason is to be able to legally running a virtualised OSX, at least for me it was when I bought the mac mini. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is probably not ideal for most customers and could even be a deal breaker for some.

Mac os iso download for vmware

Both disk and thunderbolt controllers are currently NOT recognized by ESXi and is believed to be a result of the T2 chip which is preventing access. Now run.

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Grab the Sierra installer app from the Apple App Store. Note, you need a Genuine Mac machine in order to download and convert the Sierra installation disk. Once downloaded, minimize or close the installer. The next step should be fairly simple if you have used ESXi before. As usual open your datastore and transfer the iso to wherever you normally store your installation files.

Create a New VM 2. Also note that you must format the hard drive using the disk utility before it will be visible in the install wizard. Without it Mac OS X might not awake from sleep and in general be very unreliable. Very Important : I also recommend to turn off sleep and the screensaver in settings as these may cause issues. You may also wish to read the software license agreement for Mac OS Sierra provided in the References section.

Tried this - didn't work for me. Never made it to install screen. Did I miss anything that says this is for Apple hardware only? There's a ton of these guides out there that are generally the same - to my knowledge those that include the unlocker step are for non-Apple platforms.

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Hello, it worked for me. We have not tried with Mojave yet, and not sure process has changed.

Virtualize OS X using vSphere on Mac hardware - Part 1

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