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Custom-molded ballistic nylon with soft inner lining. Non corrosive plastic coil zippers. Fits attached or disconnected from your high-pressure hose. Take a look at this sample dive display. Cobalt 2 Features New faster, more powerful microprocessor. Brilliant full color LCD display provides the high contrast, sharpness and brightness. Auto screen brightness or user setting. Preprogram up to 6 gas mixes. Switch gases underwater. Customizable user options. Menu navigation. Powerful dive planner allows pre-dive planning of almost any dive, including repetitive and multiple days.

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The dive logbook will store up to hours of detailed dive profiles in memory. Built in Lithium-ion battery provides hours of dive time and several years of service before needing replacement. High pressure quick disconnect comes standard. Leakproof magnetic buttons. Automatic altitude adjustment. Length: 6.

Cobalt 2 Warranty Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. Read the Details. In the News. There are no reviews, be the first to leave a review. There are no reviews yet. BC1 The BC. The BC.

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  • Cobalt 2 Dive Computer.
  • Problems updating Cobalt from /2 to | ScubaBoard.

T3 Regulator Our signature. Your statement. She is listed as the diver, etc. By the way, there was a gap of 2 days after the first dive, since the weather was bad and she did not dive on Sunday and Monday. But there are two dives numbered 1. All the dives for this trip should be numbered consecutively. An idea for a future feature It would be nice to be able to record some summary of the dive, what we saw, etc. And a nit Thanks for this great program and super-fast response!

All looks good now. A few minor usabillity nits Under Computers, MacDive doesn't distinguish between my computer and my wife's.

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Yes, each dive is properly logged with the diver name, but it would seem that the same computers listed under Gear would appear under Computers. That is, each of our two computers should be listed there, perhaps identified by owner name. It's common for couples to have same-brand gear, and each should be easily separately identified. I couldn't see how to add or delete Divers independently of the dives.

Need to add TDI and Nitrox as possible certification types. It's easy enough to use MacDive, but it's quite inconsistent where you find things. Seems the File menu should allow you to create new "items" depending on which item type is selected in the Library, including Gear, Certifications and Sites. It should also be possible to right click command-click on any of the items in the left side menu and add or delete items of the corresponding type.

The "gear" icon on top of many displays is static unchanging depending on the display , which is ok, but does not include countries or divers, or any way to delete any of the item types.

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I didn't find a way to enter "Water Type". At least that's what it seems if you are currently seeing a subset of all dives or have it sorted so that the new dives don't appear on the currently displayed list. Command-N should pop up a dialog box to enter the details for a dive, not simply add the dive to the list, then having to select it, right click, hit Edit, and then enter the details.

It would be nice to be able to reorganize the order in which columns display left to right. I was unable to completely remove a rating. I inadvertently hit a cell under rating, and now it is rated as a one-star dive, when I'd rather not have any rating at all. Next time, when I'm downloading dives daily, I'll rate dives at the end of each day, but now it's too late and I don't remember!

For some reason some fields are left-justified and some are right justified. Duration is left, max and avg depth is right, for example. Doesn't seem to be a reason why.

Problems updating Cobalt from 1.13/2 to 1.62

Makes it a little harder to read the list of dives. When narrowing a column's width to fit more on the display, we see the word "Dive", but not the other word. Maybe allow users to change the names of the columns?

Atomic Cobalt Scuba Dive Computer: Revolutionary Technology inside a cellphone size dive computer!

Under "Computer" in the dive list, instead of listing the manufacturer and the brand of the computer, it would be nice to have a shorter name. This could take use of a not yet existing "Description" field in the "Gear" entry for a computer or other types of gear. The window where you see the summary of a dive or all dives is generally ok, but seems more like a "Preferences" window than an "Edit" window. The buttons on the bottom of the window should say "Next Dive" and "Previous Dive". There should be a "Done" button, instead of relying on the red "close window" button.

It would be nice if, someday, the changes were buffered and not applied until the user pressed "Done". A "Cancel" button would close the window without making any changes. I see now where you can enter Notes when editing a dive , but it should be easier to display the notes directly from the listing of dives. Physics of Nanostructures.

Abstract A physical model of the 3D growth of a subsurface cobalt cluster during the epitaxy of cobalt atoms on a copper substrate is developed. Fingerprint nanoclusters.

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Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics , 78 6 , DOI: Lubov, M. AU - Kulikov,D.

AU - Kurnosikov,O.

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