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Sid Meier's Civilization® V Mac Update Released

Then the file is patched and the CD can go back on the shelf. It's a good idea but the no-cd EXE will leak, they'd have to verify receipts were real, hiring more staff, etc. This kind of dumb copy protection doesn't stop piracy but it does annoy customers. There are several games which I haven't bought simply because I've heard of people having trouble making it work due to some protection mechanism. It'll be out there already Score: 4 , Insightful. There is a site that has cracks for all new games. They come out almost immediatly after the game, they are updated with new patches, etc.

All you do is download and use them, no technical skill required.

Anyone that wishes to copy the game illegally will have no problem doing so. However for those of us that want to stay legit, it would be nice to have a legit way to do it. I don't like having CDs in my drive because I'm careless. I like to install teh game, put the orignals in their box and put the box where it won't get damaged. A CD on my desk is just asking for trouble. The thing is, while copy protection is a minor hassle for the legitimate user, it's not a serious enough one to prevent many sales. And, while it doesn't prevent any sufficiently technical user from copying the game, it does help to prevent the sort of casual copying where you just install the game and then hand the cd to a friend.

The industry has studied the outcomes. Comparable games from companies with comparable reputations sell more units if they include copy protection. Until that statement is not factual, expect to see copy protection continue. DRM can be tied to hardware also, like windows XP does. It can easily be done during setup time, with online verification so that you can't lend your CD to you neighbor.

After setup is done, you can just start your game without CD.

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I played Civ3 on my desktop at home and on my laptop while out. I had Civ3 installed on both with the no-cd patch and shifted the savegame files from one to the other as I arrived home or left home. Having two installs against the EULA?

Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword: Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword - Patch von Gameswelt

Completely legitimate usage of the software from a moral standpoint? I doubt this would happen. In the mean time, you can make a safedisc mini-image [cdfreaks. I'm currently using it with battlefield 2 and dungeon siege 2. On a tangential note, I found that the disc labeled "play disc" is in fact the second install disc, with just one huge data3.

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To actually play the game, you use the first disc, helpfully labeled "install. From TFA If I steal the cd from the store, how does enforcing the cd to be in the drive enforce purchase? If you steal the CD from the store, Firaxis already has been paid just as much money for the CD as they would have recieved had you purchased it legally. It's only the store that loses money. And yes, I know that wasn't your point. How about something like this Civ IV enters my key information into Steam or something like that and then uses Steam to provide authentication.

Re:No CD fix Score: 2. Steam is a major pain in the arse when it comes to playing a game. The enforced updates frequently mean that clients get out of sync with servers that don't patch as often as clients are forced to, lagging the update by hours or so. The required 'spotcheck' with the authentication server means that, if for some assinine reason, the login servers are down but the play servers are up, you CANNOT play.

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It agrivates the hell out of me, even though I tolerate it. If all games were like this, I'd probably. As it stands, I'm upset that I own a game that is likely to become unplayable forever unless the publisher has the forsight to prepare a patch that utterly removes the Steam requirement. I'm not paying Valve another dime. Its a pain that keeps me from buying many games in the first place. My PC Gaming is basically completely relegated to my laptop.. There is nothing more frusturating than being in the airport wanting to play something and realizing that I left the CD at home.

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For games I really like I'll go through the trouble of getting the no cd crack They ma. Re:bunch of random thoughts on copy protection Score: 3 , Interesting. I hate CD jockeying. I will not play a game that requires this. If you make me get up and try to find the right CD and put it in my CD drive and then wait for the program to spin the drive up and engage whatever DRM it needs - you have just lost me as a gamer. As gamer. Requiring a CD is so stupid. At home I have to have piles of CDs around for all my games, and on the road I have to remove one of my batteries halfing play time to insert the CDROM drive which just spins and wastes more power, resulting in my batteries dying halfway into a plane ride.

Obviously that is unacceptable, so I end up downloading a possibly infected crack from russia just so I can play on a long plane ride. Thanks Firaxis! Just not buying doesn't say why you don't buy the product. I perfer a combination 3 and 4. Score: 2 , Insightful. Good questions, good moderation, good answers.

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Nice work, all around. Score: 2 , Funny. Looks like somebody unleased a horde of barbarians here Question for the Wargamers Score: 4 , Informative.

Isn't Civilization loosely based on a Wargame of a similar name? Thus the use of a hex grid and all? Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I could have sworn I saw it in a list of board games a few days ago. I'm currently learning to play Starfire, for those of you who know what that is.

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Ah, here we are. It's under 'C' on this page [grognard. The link to the website seems to be defunct along with the company? Re:Question for the Wargamers Score: 4 , Informative. Ah hah! Rfunches post below mine spurred me to do a smidge more research, and I found this link [eaglegames. Which would figure.

civ iv mac windowed mode Civ iv mac windowed mode
civ iv mac windowed mode Civ iv mac windowed mode
civ iv mac windowed mode Civ iv mac windowed mode
civ iv mac windowed mode Civ iv mac windowed mode
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