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I'm pretty surprised that nobody here has ever done this, actually.

Wouldn't an Airport Express do this for you? Unless I'm mistaken, won't it act as a repeater? This is only true if the original equipment supports WDS. The airport stations do, which is why an Aiport Express can extend the range of an Apple Airport network. Other vendors that do are Buffalo Tech, and I believe some Linksys models. But some access points like the Linksys WET54G can also function as a bridge, basically picking up the wireless signal without needing any WDS business and converting it to an ethernet connection. This would do the job as well. I have done this a few times and it can be frustrating to say the least.

In my experience I ended up having to use the same manufacturers devices everywhere to get it work at all. They just dont talk with each other otherwise. I also just did a job where I used external antenna's on everything in the system. All of the antenna I used came with various adapters to connect to different cards.

I would say try to get an external antenna from a local store with a return policy. I've only used two antennas. The other was a Hawking directional antenna that my roommate stole from work so we could steal wireless whilst our DSL was getting hooked up.

It increased signal strength to nearby WAPs significantly if, of course, it was pointed in it's general direction.

Need help with power mac g5 wireless networking

The antenna option is cheaper, less intrusive and is either going to work or won't, so there's no wasted time trying to configure a troublesome WAP. That is to say, i haven't found a single company selling an antenna plug that is advertised as working with Airport Extreme the card, not the base station external plug. I wonder if it's the MC Card, as that was what was used on the old style 'b' airport cards, right? It's still not clear. The old Airport card used the MC Card connector.

But what does the airport extreme card itself use? Nobody seems to know. I'm confused. Did the pics come from an ibook with the airport extreme card or a regular airport card? Does the airport card remove from the IMac in question? If so,why not take it out and go to Comp-USA and see if they have an antenna with an adapter to fit it?


They had 10 different antenna where I was last and some came with 4 different connnectors. The other thing I am thinking is that the IMac does have a pigtail with the correct connector that is attached to the built-in antenna.

As a last resort you could cut it and splice it to another antenna Better you than me but it should work if you can solder it well. They had a 15db directional unit there that I could aim by hand and watch the signal strength go up and down. Used parts designated as Non-Working will be parts that will need additional repair in order to be functional. All of our parts new and used come with a one year warranty direct from us. Should you have any questions about the condition of an item feel free to give us a call at or email us at support powerbookmedic. In that time, over , orders have left our facility for US and international destinations to help save old devices from the landfill and bring them back to working condition.

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Related Products. This Product is Unavailable. Customers also Bought These Products:. Apple AirPort Extreme Card Stay signed in. All form fields are required. According to The Register article, P. Semi executives believed that they were all but assured of winning Apple's contract, and CEO Dan Dobberpuhl thought that Apple's hints of moving to Intel were just a persuading tactic.

At the time, the companies were working for PWRficient software. Despite the advantages of more compatible architecture, Apple moved to the Intel architecture officially for 'performance-per-watt' reasons. However, P. Semi would not be able to ship its low-power multicore product in volume until , which, combined with P.

Semi's status as a start-up company, seems to have been the final blow to the development of Power Mac computers. However, it was also speculated that Apple switched to Intel processor because Apple could no longer abide the constant delays in performance ramp up, [15] desired native Windows compatibility, or it was Apple's strategy to shift its business focus away from desktop computing to iPod and subsequently iOS development.

Apple acquired P.

evgiworkte.tk Semi in , [16] using P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models. Apple Inc. October 19, Retrieved June 27, International Data Group.

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December 16, Ars Technica. Retrieved January 17, Accelerate Your Mac. September 30, Retrieved October 23, September 1, Retrieved July 15, United Business Media. The Linley Wire. The Linley Group.

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