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Setting up your devices for AirDrop

I'm not the only one either, so what's the deal with that Apple? Every once in a while it works, but most of the time the Mac icon does not show up on the iPhone's Airdrop dock.

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Airdrop does work reliably when going from Mac to iPhone, but that's not useful because I'm always snapping pictures on the phone that I want to share with my Mac. I wish Apple's passion for quality control matched its new-found passion for diversity, LQBG rights, women freezing their eggs, children's education. Tim talks a lot about those issues, but can I get a statement about all the bugs I'm increasingly finding in Mac products?

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I miss the old Apple, which didn't carry the Progressive torch quite so high, but could launch products that Just Worked. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b.

How to AirDrop photos and videos between Macs and iOS devices | Macworld

Anonymous form close x. Apple's AirDrop file-sharing feature debuted with the release of OS X Lion and allowed users to transfer files from one Mac to another without using email or an external storage device. The feature made its way to iOS devices with the release of iOS 7, and offered a simple way for users to share files like photos between iOS devices. This video shows you how it works: Top Rated Comments View all. I have to say, I'm more than a little perturbed at the gimping of older Macs with regard to this feature.

How to AirDrop from iPhone or iPad to a Mac

This isn't the BT LE issue that limits other continuity features to newer machines. This is a WiFi file transfer that was already supported between Macs built before , and separately, iPhones. If I can't have ecosystem features on my 3 year old computer, maybe I need to find another ecosystem. I know Apple has played this type of game before, as do other manufacturers, but in recent memory they struck a good balance between planned obsolescence and backward compatibility that endeared them to me.

I think that balance is off now.

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If I can't use ecosystem features after such a short amont of time computers are usually depreciated over 5 years , I don't see why I need to pay the "Apple Tax" when it's time for a new computer. Dangerous Theory. However, here is a weird thing: So, no need to open an airdrop window!? How do I AirDrop from my Mac to my cat? The cat has his own IP and is on the same wireless network. Does the cat need Bluetooth also?

I was looking forward to this information and using it. I thought I could do this on the wireless network. I do not wish to enable iCloud. Can I still use AirDrop? End up using Dropbox or Notes app for many things, which seems silly.

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Any suggestions? No drop-down menu.

At the bottom of the AirDrop window, you will find it in blue text, just click on the text to get the choice. I do this too, iMessage for picture transfers is fast and easy, I find it is much more reliable than jiggering with AirDrop and hoping it will work.

These instructions would have been easier to follow if you had used scenic photos in your example instead of screen shots of settings windows that look as if they are part of the process, not just example photos. And maybe circles instead of arrows.

How to AirDrop photos and videos between Macs and iOS devices

Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Robert E Vines says: February 27, at 7: Tim says: Luis says: Arthur Gooding says: March 7, at 4: Ian T says: February 28, at 1: Tanky Don says: February 28, at 9: March 2, at Oofy Prosser says: In iOS 7, use the Settings app instead. In the resulting menu, pick who you want to share files with: Contacts Only or Everyone.

Tap Everyone and anyone using AirDrop within about 30 feet of you can see your device. Tap the AirDrop icon circled here left and the next menu lets you pick who to share files with center. Find the images in your Camera Roll or in an album, and then tap the Select button at the upper-right. Tap the thumbnails you want to send, and Photos marks them with a checkmark.

To deselect an item, tap the thumbnail again. If you want to send all or most of the images in a single moment, you can select them all at once and save some time.

In Photos view, tap Select in the upper-right corner left.

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