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The Escapists 2 Free Download Features:

From ponytails to a shaved head, the choice is yours There are so many more things to do in The Escapists 2!

Join a band, learn to paint, pick up a new hobby, there has never been so many ways to escape! Download The Escapists 2 What will happen when you click Download? The download button will redirect you to the developer's website, where you'll be able to watch the trailer and read more information about the game's release.

Notes: This game will be available in January December RSS Feed.

Why play The Escapists: Prison Escape on Bluestacks?

Author Write something about yourself. The music is formed by some melodies that fit this sandbox videogame, and what is more important, it wont annoy the player after he or she has been playing for a long time. The Escapists has a RPG gameplay, mixed with a crafting style. You will have to be an inmate, and you will have to collect items to create the necessary tools to escape the jail. You will have to care about the health of your inmate, its physical integrity You will have to fulfill the schedules as long as you can.

Try to do not ignore the meals, the work hours, or the rest time because it will set the focus of the guards on you.

Download The Escapist: Prison Escape on PC with BlueStacks

This way, the first days of your stay will serve to get used to the life style: inspections, laundry work, gym, tidying up, etc. You can be in prison for an unlimited period of time, but remember that the ultimate mission is to escape, if not, it would be a Jail Simulator. You will have at your disposal a wide catalogue of errands and little missions that will serve to help you collect resources in the shape of money. With money, you can buy items and materials to craft tools.

The crafting element is quite interesting. It is practically the basis of your escape. You can create and modify a great number of items and change them into multiple things. You even can create explosives with soap! Once you download this and start playing, you will see that this sandbox game will increase its level of difficulty as you play. You will start in a low security prison but you will finish in a high security one in which a false move can lead you to solitary confinement. There will also be different types of weather and environments.

It is not the same to escape on a warm spring day as in the middle of a blizzard. The Escapists Full Version Features. Eight different jails with different levels of difficulty Ability to interact with other inmates and guards Lots of errands to accomplish and earn money More than items to craft and collect You are free to choose between 10 different jobs in jail Several escape ways in each prison.

You can visit the official website if you are interested in The Escapists and you want to know more information about it before you download it to your PC. System Requirements.

Here you can check out the minimum system requirements your PC needs to download and install The Escapists:. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. The Escapists Full Version Download.

The Escapists 2: Game of the Year Edition

Complete your mission and escape the terrible jail in which you are trapped Paloma D. The Escapists Full Version A prisoner just to imagine or to attempt to do the action of escaping from the prison, must have superior qualities of good and accurate imagination, cleverness and craftiness to accomplish the mission. Pros The design features and special effects are very good Offers you playable characters ability to interact with each other. Cons At higher levels it is difficult to beat the computer AI when playing against the computer. Pros It is very easy to play.

It is diverse in that it offers 8 prisons to escape from. Cons The graphics are not very good. Use the best strategy possible to fool the guards and break free from prison By Ellie Teller On Tuesday, August 11, The Escapist features some realistic mechanics that simulate a prisoner's life.


You have to be present for the recount, you have to eat in the dinning room and you have to work in your free time if you have one. You must seize your time by imporving your inmate's stats such as intelligence, strength and speed to craft better items, hit harder and run faster. Pros Realistic mechanics that perfectly simulate the life in prison Scaling difficulty prisons make it challenging.

How To Get The Escapists For Free On A Mac! No Virus! No Survey! 2015! *Outdated

Cons Some missions are too time consuming. View more user reviews from this program. For what are you going to use the program? What similar programs have you used? What do you like most about this program?

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the escapist free download mac The escapist free download mac
the escapist free download mac The escapist free download mac
the escapist free download mac The escapist free download mac
the escapist free download mac The escapist free download mac
the escapist free download mac The escapist free download mac

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