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The total page size was around 12MB and took forever to load. Some people won't wait for slow web pages and will go elsewhere. You'll lose visitors. Camera photso are huge and the images make websites very slow. It is even worse when people access your site on a mobile phone. Preview on the Apple Mac is a useful tool with many functions. One of these is for preparing images for the web. Before sharing photos on social media or your website, you should prepare them in Preview. Sometimes more than one size is required, depending on where or how you post them.

Resize, rotate, or flip an image in Preview on Mac

Instagram : Images are mostly square and x pixels is a common size. However, tall portrait shaped images are also acceptable and these can be x Facebook : The large image at the top of pages is x pixels.

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Images in other places, such as the news feed, vary. Twitter : Images should be no more than x pixels. Pinterest : Images are best shot in portrait orientation with a resolution of x pixels. There are many more sizes of images and it gets very confusing. Take a look at the multitude of optimum image sizes at this site. It is mind boggling!

Change an image’s dimensions

Fortunately, social networks and even many websites will automatically resize images. This means that provided you are close to what is needed, it will usually look pretty good. Look at the site or social network and see whether a landscape, portrait or square image is required. Resize your photos to these:. This depends on the website, or more specifically, the theme that a website uses. It often requires images of a certain size. The featured image on this site for example, is x Check with the theme notes, help or readme file to see what is required.

Double click a jpg image on the disk and it opens in Preview. You can also open the Preview app in the Applications folder and use the File menu to select a photo. It is a good idea to find what size image you need. Google it if necessary.

Here is Facebook image dimensions. Go to the Tools menu and select Adjust Size. This window opens and you can set the width or height. Both are linked so if you change one then the other changes. It prevents the image from becoming distorted when the size changes. Sometimes you cannot get the optimum dimensions using the resizing tool. Click and drag a box over the image and adjust it so that it is the right size. Now that the image is the right size, go to the File menu and select Export.

The resulting file size is shown below and this image will be 61 KB.

How to Resize Images to Send via an Email

This is significantly smaller than the KB of the original image. If we were using this on a website or blog, it would enable the page to load much faster because it is one sixth the size of the original.

How to Compress Pictures On Mac : Internet Tips & Basics

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    how to downsize images on a mac How to downsize images on a mac
    how to downsize images on a mac How to downsize images on a mac
    how to downsize images on a mac How to downsize images on a mac
    how to downsize images on a mac How to downsize images on a mac
    how to downsize images on a mac How to downsize images on a mac

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