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One of the best MAC lipstick shades, it is a color that stands out on the runway and simmers in the streets, looking terrific with its ultra-creamy base and soft and supple shine. It has a medium to high frosted shimmer and shine finish to it, with a good glaze and the ability to create very natural looking lips.

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It is demi-sheer with an almost wet look to it, leaving the lips soft and smooth and ultra-moist. You can buy it here now! If you prefer to put aside the shine, you might want to opt for the MAC matte lipsticks, picking a gorgeous shade that builds up the fire in the pink shade section. This particular color is full of pigment and perfect for a lady who wishes to head for a night on the town, the payoff to wearing it being the intense color and the all-matte finish, which means absolutely no shine.

This gorgeous MAC lipstick color is currently available for purchase on Nordstrom. One of two Ariana Grande shades for the brand, this is another striking lip shade, this time with a punkier style. It has a smooth matte finish, so you can pair it with lip glass for some killer texture or keep it by itself for an equally appealing look. Get it from MAC! Another one of the best MAC lipstick colors, this matte shade is a stunning burgundy that could go extremely dark and elegant at the same time, depending on the rest of your makeup look.

Try it out at a formal evening event or just for an evening out with the girls. Buy a tube here! We love pinks, especially the ones MAC lipsticks offer us. We love pinks so very much and that is saying something. This particular shade is just the right holiday color while still maintaining all the sexy necessary to rock your world if you head out of town for a warm island vacation or to dance the night away at a really smoking club.

Get this lipstick shade right here! This grapefruit shade is one of the best MAC lipsticks because it perfectly skirts the line between natural and color.

Buy this shade from MAC Cosmetics! Gorgeous, gorgeous plum on your lips! A new streamlined designed to the slimline lip color, the traditional glamour of a MAC product now comes with a matte finish and such intense color that the velvety aspects to it are amplified. Definitely one of the best MAC lipsticks ever created, this is a plum color that gives those lips a softer feel, the creamier mixture gliding on with ease, without the problems of caking or drying things out.

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Just because a lipstick is moisturizing does not mean that it should be shiny and this particular item on our lists certainly proves that theory to be undeniable truth. Selfridges is where you can get this particular shade from! The name says it all with this creamy pink lip color. This is one of the best MAC lipsticks due to its intense pigmentation all packed in this subtle, soft pink color.

It is both vibrant and subdued in one, due to the high saturation and inherently light color. Buy this shade here! Dark and mysterious, this deep plum liquid color makes our list as one of the best MAC lip colors. This daring shade just screams drama, so it really does live up to its name. That being said, the underlying theme of this color is glamour. Plus, you can keep the night going since this product promises eight hours of wear. Buy it here! It may only be 0. If you love the MAC engraves, matte black tubing that is a classic, you will want to pull this piece into your bag happily.

There is little to say here other than the fact that the hot pink is really hot and Barbie is so very jealous right now.

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Celebrate all through the day with this beautiful and vibrant peachy pink shade that marks itself as one of the best MAC lipsticks. This is an especially viable option for your springtime beauty routine, as the color will just pop against everything that comes with the warm weather. You can find this product here. This lovely neutral shade marks one of the best MAC lipsticks.

19 Best Mac Lipsticks Of All Time | Updated Review

A lovely black tube should do the trick! This is one of the most versatile MAC lipstick colors you can wear from day to night. The color has great impact and is as lovely as regular lipstick with the added benefits of lipglass, the shine coming in for a perfect hybrid that allows for no compromise. It is a lightweight product that cannot be called sticky in any way, one, which is perfectly slick in its application and very comfortable to wear out. For those of us who crave such a fusion, we believe it should never be far from those daily purses.

Just put it on and dash out to enjoy your day! Buy this color now on Selfridges! This luscious red is absolutely to die for. It also promises to be non-feathering and non-bleeding. This creamy peachy beige lipstick has a great deal of shine, which is the exchange for a muted color. That balance and tradeoff is what makes this one of the best MAC lipsticks.

This is another wonderful lipstick that you can get online from MAC Cosmetics. We have a few pink MAC lipstick shades on our list but it is the candy colored frosting that reminds us of strawberry cream pies that really make us covet the pink look on our lips. After all, the name itself mentions how yummy it may be. It is a vibrant but matte color that makes the perfect pink pout here and it comes in the classic tube in the classic manner. It is just the color here that is special in of itself and boy are we loving it!

#2: ‘MACnificent Me!’ Lipstick ” Diva Antics

Buy it on Selfridges! The comfortability and creaminess of this luminous lip color is what makes this product one of the best MAC lipsticks. After looking at this, I definitely need it. Even though it might be called Relentlessly Red, it's a pretty hot pink. I love how bold this is. I'm sure you will stand out if you walk into the room wearing this. How beautiful is this coral lipstick? I think what's even more adorable is that the lipstick has a really cute name. Kind of makes me hungry, to be honest. Now, this is a stunning nude.

Just like the name, it has some beautiful peach undertones that would look great with any natural, golden, or smoky makeup look. So pretty. This is one intense purple lipstick. So matte and lovely. My favorite thing about it is that it's dark, deep, and mysterious. It's definitely a triple threat. This color is super different! It's like a cool mix of purple and pink. I think that this would look great on so many different skin tones. I love it! Diply 2 Aug Velvet Teddy. Load Comments. Ruby Woo. Cold Hard Cash. Candy Yum Yum. Studded Kiss. Relentlessly Red.

Sushi Kiss.

19 Best Mac Lipsticks Of All Time | 12222 Updated Review

Smoked Purple. There are so many MAC lipsticks to choose from. So many different formulas and shades. I love the variety! What's your favorite MAC lipstick and formula?

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your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade
your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade
your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade
your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade
your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade
your favorite mac lipstick shade Your favorite mac lipstick shade

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